Series: Colour code


Often the starting point for an inspiring interior scheme is a colour. Colour can really make an impression on a space whether used in moderation or with great gusto. Each approach can set the tone of a room, whether work, rest or play. It can be used to draw attention to certain aspects of an environment creating a focal point, or delicately, bringing a sense of harmony and rhythm. Accent colour can help a scheme feel unified and a dynamic play with two or more colours can bring each one to life. 

Our Colour Code series takes a look at interesting tones and hues; the 'new' discoveries that pique our interest, their complementary counterparts and those go-to shades we fondly rely upon. 

This month on the stopping place - monochrome. Black and white; wonderfully graphic and smart. At once calming and structured, a pleasing counterbalance between the two stark opposites. The pairing can create a bold statement or bring a touch of elegance. Great for hallways and bathrooms, and when combined with softer tones, it forms a sturdy backbone to any interior scheme.